TIMI-series Intelligent Measurement Solution Assists Industry in Upgrading


Universal Standard Vision Technology Corporation (USDV) is the pioneer of high-precision telecentric image measurement technology in Taiwan.  At present, in addition to successfully introduce solutions for In-process quality control and data collection, USDV has also successfully constructed production line real-time measurement and measurement data for a leading bolt manufacturer overseas. They offer technical service through video to keep sales and services from closing under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Flip traditional measurement thinking by intelligent measurement
Taiwan’s metal processing technology ranks among the best in the world.  However, traditionally operators use more than three kinds of measuring tools to measure an automobile screw for several minutes.  In the face of the inevitable trend of the assembly being replaced by robots, the increasingly stringent requirements for measurement items and precision, as well as the demand for urgent order shipments, make measurement thinking to face huge challenges.

USDV provides a wide range of measurement integration solutions of the shafts and screws, such as precise and efficient measurement machines for industries of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, electronic & information, medical devices, turning shafts, and fasteners.  Thanks to the advanced measurement technology, USDV’s TIMI-series image measuring machine integrates diversities of tools in one and completes the measurement in a few seconds. In particular, their patented technology makes the measurement of roundness and concentricity easier and faster. 

In response to smart manufacturing, USDV develops intelligent measurement solutions that meet the benefits of Industry 4.0 in line with customer needs.  The customers have benefited from USDV’s measurement solution that the production efficiency of machine utilization rate and waste reduction is improved.

An innovative cooperation model will unite to create a blue market
Looking forward to expanding business opportunities through the 2021 TIMTOS Trade Show, USDV looks for cooperating with machinery manufacturers to complete the puzzle of Industry 4.0 manufacturing.  That is, smart manufacturing with intelligent measurement will assist the industry to upgrade with a higher value.   For more information please visit www.usdvision.com

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