Acro has been working hard for 21 years, with the courage to innovate to go to a new epoch.


ACRO MACHINERY & ELECTRIC CO., LTD. produces electrical discharge machining machines and wire cutting machines, pioneering the Windows base touch screen control method, with a clear design concept, easy to learn and easy to use. We constantly research, innovate, and improve quality. After 21 years of strenuous management and development, we have won the support of a broad customers. In response to the needs of customers, we are committed to developing humanized control methods and control interfaces to improve the performance of machine precision machining.

1. Acro Mirror CNC EDM:
* The main features:
1) Users can use a rich data database to input electrode-workpiece materials, electrode scaling, electrode projection area, machining depth, and final finishing surface roughness according to their requirements, then the system can automatically determine the machining procedure, segmented processing and automatically allocate the shaking amount until the final processing is completed.
2) Input through touch screen, handwriting box which makes the operation more convenient.
3) Support remote.

2. High Efficiency Middle WEDM
*The main features:
1)Windows XP Embedded  with17”touch screen operating system and friendly operation screendesign, easy to learn, easy to operate
2)Network transmission function : 
In addition to the traditional USB interface transmission, the built-in WIFI wireless network transmission or LAN cable can be connected
3) Adding a reversible motor can make the wire and wire break change more simple and save time  
4) Innovatively develop a new type of special loop system for middle-feeding, increasing efficiency by more than 30%...
5) The X, Y axis adopts AC servo motor + linear guideway +  ball screw, and with standard hand wheel control box, the machine is more convenient to operate, the moving speed is faster, and the repeat booking is more precise...

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