The Machine Tool Industry--The National Face Mask Team--Will Host TMTS in November: Online Exhibition Starts Ahead of Time


As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, in response to Taiwan government ’s call for social stability and investment in face mask equipment production, Chairman Habor Hsu of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) invited nearly 30 member manufacturers to contribute more than 100 professional technicians in mechanical assembly and electromechanics to support the government to promptly complete 92 face mask production lines in 40 days. The machine tool industry has thus earned a self-evident reputation—“the National Face Mask Team”. The industry’s strength of rapid response and flexibility highlights its potentials for value development and creativity.

Affected by the epidemic, many countries around the world have enforced national/city lockdown, triggering a crisis of industrial supply chain breakage. However, Taiwan’s machine tool industry has benefited from its complete industrial supply chain, and therefore effectively mitigated the impact. Taiwan's manufacturing industry excels at small-quantity and yet diverse customizations. It provides clients with integrated solutions from the perspective of user processes, which is the core value and competitive edge of this industry.

In addition, the epidemic has also driven the transformation of production patterns in manufacturing plants. Under the trend of mature Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing technology, Taiwan machine tool manufacturers have offered related supporting measures such as remote processing, remote monitoring, AI production scheduling, and unmanned factories to further realize the possibility of the “factory of the future”.

Organized by the Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association, the biennial Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2020) will be staged at the Taichung High Speed Rail Special Zone from November 10 to November 14. It will be the largest professional machine tool exhibition in Taiwan in 2020, with more than 700 manufacturers showcasing their products in 4,300 booths.

“Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)" is an industry-target exhibition. The last five-day show attracted more than 86,000 buyers to visit the site. There was also heated discussion on the Internet before and after the exhibition. Though TMTS will be held in November, the online TMTS starts ahead of time. The "Exhibitor Search" function on the official website brings visitors to an online exhibition hall, allowing buyers to precisely find manufacturers and products. Moreover, the online exhibition applies the most intuitive search method and the highest number of page views to increase the Internet presence of the product. The newly created website platform, with its professional exhibition brand image and super high browsing rate and effects, has extended the 5-day physical show to a 365-day, zero-time-difference "TMTS Online Exhibition Hall" .

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